The SAFEST Way to Date

The SAFE way to Date👌

Amazing Features


#SyncMatch - The easy way to find your perfect match. Made with our match making algorithm that helps you choose your perfect person. Simply Swipe RIGHT to SyncMate.


#SyncMate - the easy way to help find friends with common interests and hobbies. Simply Swipe UP to SyncMate with someone you like.


#SyncSafe - With our SyncSafe feature, we will allow users to track their location when going on a date and meeting up for the first time, while giving advice on Covid at the same time. This can be turned on when your ready to meet up for the first time and turned off when your date is over. Stay safe 😊

We’re love Scientists

Our InSync researchers, behavioral analysts, and matchmakers study daters and compatibility so we can make inSync better for you. We’ve gotten pretty good at it.

What Our Users Say

Diana V.

inSync really made the difference—I felt like I got a good sense off a guy’s vibe from his answers, and it was easy to jump right into a real conversation.

Kathryn B. and Nik N.

Other dating apps were like shooting fish in a barrel. But my girlfriend and I clicked right away on inSync, and the conversation was effortless. We’ve been dating for a year.

Kenneth & Elliot

I met my fiancé on inSync during the quarantine for COVID. She is from Lafayette, Indiana and I am from Cleveland, Ohio. We are both Christians who fell madly in love.

    Find the Perfect Match with InSync


    InSync is built on the belief that anyone looking for love should be able to find it.  so we can succeed in getting you out on promising dates, not keeping you on the app.