6 tips for safe online dating:
Dating online is the new cupid’s arrow, millions of people are using the internet and dating apps
searching for love, it is considered as the new hype or the new trend.
As easy as it is to enter the online dating world, one should always be careful. This is why today
I’m giving you 6 tips on how to stay safe while looking for your soulmate.
1- Do some digging:
I may sound like a creep or a stalker but everyone should know the drill: you should do some
digging, it is important to look out your potential date on social media, make sure they are real,
google their name and see what comes out. This is a great way to have an idea about who you are
dealing with, spot red flags if they exist and make sure you’re not dealing with a catfish.
2- Don’t get too personal:
Be careful with what you share, dating scams are very real so to keep yourself safe you should
wait until you really know someone before giving out personal information such as your home or
work address or places you normally visit, wait until you meet up and feel comfortable enough to
3- Meet in public:
This one should go untold but I’m more than happy to remind you not to meet somewhere private:
it is always recommended that the first date should take place in a public area where there are
plenty of other people such as restaurants, cafes, bars, movie theatres… where you can ask for help
or just walk away if something feels off-key.
4- Tell a friend where you’re going:
Never go out on a first date with a stranger without at least telling someone where you’re going ,
when you’ll be going and when should they expect you to get home. You can also share your live
location in case something goes wrong. It is always reassuring to know that someone knows
where you are.
5- Provide your own transportation:
Remember when we were kids and our parents repeatedly told us not to get in cars with
strangers? well, you should listen to them. While it may seem chivalrous when your date offers to
pick you up, but you’re actually giving them the upper hand by giving out where you live and
they’ll have essentially control over where you’re going as well not to mention if things go south
you can leave on your own terms .
6- Stay sober:
Last but surely not least, don’t overdo it on the booze: Many people tend to grab a drink on a first
date, and I think that it’s nice, it can break the ice, keep you calm if your nervous but make sure
you stay sober. You need to be able to take yourself home safely. One should know their limits and
stick to them and most importantly to always be aware of their surroundings.
Safe dating is our priority and if you feel uncomfortable at any point during the date or even before
it, don’t be afraid to bow out. You’re in no way obligated to stay with someone if you feel awkward
or threatened.